László Poppe
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Beáta G. Vértessy
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

BioTrans 2017 is the 13rd meeting in the biannual BioTrans conference series with relevant participation of speakers and contributors from COST Action SysBiocat (CM 1303) contributing to sessions dedicated to multistep enzyme catalysed reaction, artificial metabolism, and process intensification. The COST co-organized days of the meeting are 12 and 13 of July. Over 500 scientists, mostly from COST countries, are expected as participants of Biotrans 2017. The COST Action CM 1303 is deeply involved in the organization and the scientific definition of the conference.

The permanent BioTrans steering committee involves among others SysBiocat members such as:

  • László Poppe (Hungary, LOS, WG5 leader and Chairman of the Conference)
  • Wolf-Dieter Fessner (Germany, GH, WG 3 Leader)
  • Sergio Riva (Italy, national representative and STSM responsible)
  • Stefano Servi (Italy, Chairman)
  • Marko Mihovilovic (Austria, WG member)
  • Nicholas Turner (United Kingdom, national representative and WG member)
  • Kurt Faber (Austria, national representative as substitute and WG member)
  • Maurice Franssen (Netherland, WG member)
  • Laurence Hecquet (France, national representative, WG member)
  • Vladimir Kren (Czech Republic, national representative and WG member)

Local Scientific Committee

  • András Perczel
    Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
  • Ferenc Faigl
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Ferenc Fülöp
    University of Szeged
  • Katalin Bélafi-Bakó
    University of Pannonia, Veszprém


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