Manfred T. Reetz


ReetzManfred T. Reetz

Manfred T. Reetz (born 1943 in Germany) is currently emeritus group leader of the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung (MPI) in Mülheim and simultaneously Hans-Meerwein-Research-Professor at the University of Marburg/Germany, where he runs his current group. Previously he was director at the MPI for two decades, and before that he held a chair for organic chemistry in Marburg. Reetz earned Bachelor and Master degrees in the USA 1965/1967 and a doctoral degree in organic chemistry at Göttingen University in 1969.

For many years the Reetz group developed novel organometallic reagents, chiral catalysts and methods for application in organic chemistry. In 1995 the group turned to biocatalysis and pioneered the concept of directed evolution of stereo- and regioselective enzymes as efficient catalysts in organic chemistry and biotechnology. Together with other groups, the long-standing limitations of enzymes were eliminated. Today it constitutes a prolific source of catalysts for a wide variety of different asymmetric transformations, including enantioselective hydrolysis, oxidation, reduction, and C-C bond forming reactions. Ongoing methodology development in the Reetz group continues to enhance the efficacy of this protein engineering method.

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